The fireworks have faded, the champagne bottles are all put for recycling, and those midnight messages you did send to say things you would otherwise put differently are slightly being forgotten. 2017 is here and we are all looking forward to the exciting unknown ahead.

FindMeCure is waving goodbye to a very important year. For the short couple of months that we have launched the platform for patients looking for clinical trials, we managed to show thousands of people that they have one more option to heal.

We worked hard to create a tool for patients to weigh their risks and advantages when choosing a clinical trial. The fact that hundreds of people applied for studies with FindMeCure only gives us confidence that this is the right direction.

Search for clinical trials now. 

However, we know that we have a long way to walk until we make things perfect for all of you but we are grateful for the lessons we have learned.

We are thanking you all for sharing your stories with us and allowing us to help when we could. Thousands of you searched for a cure on our platform, some directly wrote to us with questions and constructive feedback, others visited our blog and shared articles with friends.

We also know it is hard to follow everything that gets published on blogs and social media. This is why we collected a short list of the most popular articles on FindMeCure’s blog that will give you a quick look at clinical trials, important health events and tips for staying healthier.

Here they are:

15 Questions to Ask Before Applying For a Clinical Trial (Infographic)

Clinical Trials: A patient or Not, You Need to Know This (Infographic)

Inside The Soul of a Hypochondriac

Allergies in Kids: What You Can Do (Infographic)

The Global Crisis of The Expanding Waistline (Infographic)

“Cannabis is Unique – One Can Treat a Variety of Symptoms With The Same Ingredient”

Medical Advances We Took For Granted But Changed Our World Dramatically (Video)

You are more than welcome to re-publish these blog posts elsewhere. If you do, please add that it “has been published prior on FindMeCure”.

Our team would be more than happy to know what else would you like to read about! Do not hesitate to email us at with any idea, questions or recommendations.

May 2017 be better and healthier for all of us!

The FindMeCure Team

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