We’re creating a world where innovative treatments reach patients sooner

There are millions of patients in every part of the world who don’t benefit from the currently available treatments. At the same time, promising new drugs and therapies are available for free in clinical trials.
Clinical trials need to recruit enough patients to prove their treatment is a viable option that should be widely accessible. This is the process every single treatment undergoes in order to reach us.
FindMeCure is dedicated to building a bridge between patients and the innovative treatments of the future.

Connecting patients to trials

If you’ve ever tried to find a clinical trial for yourself or a loved one you know it’s not an easy process. Finding helpful information and getting connected to the trial team can be a huge challenge.
This is where FindMeCure comes in. Our search platform allows patients to quickly and easily check for relevant trials nearby. If they find and apply for a trial they’re interested in, we reach out to the trial team on their behalf until we can connect them to the relevant person.

Optimizing trial planning

Our experience of helping patients and working with the industry in patient recruitment led us to the understanding:
Most trials fail because of inefficient planning.
Incomplete or inaccurate data, stressful timelines, limited understanding of patient needs and country-specific journeys are some of the challenges both Sponsors and CROs encounter when planning a study.
We knew we had to tackle the root of the issue if we wanted treatments to reach the patients who need them. This is why we developed TrialHub.

Shaking things up

TrialHub was the next step in our mission of bringing research closer to patients. The platform provides Sponsors and CROs with all of the data needed to create a sound clinical trial strategy with the patient in mind.
TrialHub extracts and analyses all available data about past, present and upcoming clinical trials, then supplements it with the unique insights of leading industry experts from our vast network.
Our unique hybrid approach of data analytics and local expert consultancy allows Sponsors and CROs to select the best locations and partners for their trials.
Well planned clinical trials recruit on time and stay on budget. This is how innovative treatments make it to the market and in turn - the wider patient population.

Meet our founders

Miroslav Valchev
Miro is a tech-savvy entrepreneur with a track record of delivering multiple healthcare projects. He is an eye-for-detail person dedicated to the growth of the team and the product.
Maya Zlatanova
Maya is a healthtech entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience in the clinical research industry. Maya is the heart of FindMeCure and the product mastermind of TrialHub.
Ivaylo Yosifov
Ivo is an experienced software engineer involved in the development of the British clinical trial register. He’s a master of all things data and a huge believer in the #givefirst approach.
Do you want to
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Do you want to
find innovative treatments?