Our mission

Helping people access future treatments now

FindMeCure is an online platform allowing every person struggling with a medical condition to access treatments in development.
We believe there are no such things as incurables, only conditions for which a cure has not been found yet.
The story behind FindMeCure
FindMeCure started as a way to address our own needs, a way to help ourselves, our closed ones and people we know. We all have read and heard about new discoveries in universities and innovative treatments and so we kept asking: “Where are they?”. The answer is simple - in clinical trials, making sure that new innovations are better than the existing treatments and can really help the ones who need them. We wanted to share with the rest of the world that clinical trials are a regulated way for every new treatment, even therapies with yoga or devices like fitness trackers, to become an approved way for fighting a condition or preventing it. And most of all provide people with access to promising treatments in development.
How we help?
by helping them find, understand and join clinical trials
by allowing them to be always up-to-date with research
by expanding their pool of eligible patients
Companies and research centers
by optimizing their engagement with patients and improving their clinical trials speed
We've listed
61 000
open clinical trials from governmental registries
We’ve supported
120 000 +
people globally
We've connected
2000 +
patients to clinical trials
How we sustain our work?
FindMeCure helps every single patient for free and this will never change.
By providing value to patients, we provide value to the drug development industry too. We have created the first universal infrastructure enabling every person to access the best possible clinical trial, thus helping all organizations sponsoring clinical trials. FindMeCure generates revenue by working with organizations and assisting them to identify eligible patients for their studies. Our technology reduces significantly the necessary time and money for completing a given clinical trial and bringing a new promising treatment on the market sooner.
The team
We are passionate and compassionate professionals, driven by the mission of both helping people and advancing medicine.
Maya Zlatanova
Co-founder & CEO
Miroslav Valchev
Co-founder & COO
Ivaylo Yosifov
Co-founder & CTO
One of our stories
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And because knowledge is part of the cure
We have the greater goal to raise awareness about clinical trials being a treatment option and educate people on the benefits of participating in research.
FindMeCure Foundation