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“Bringing Clinical Trials Closer to Patients”
our story

For Someone

Once upon a time, there was a young lady suffering from a condition without any treatment. Her sister was desperate to help her and started looking for new treatments within clinical trials. Even though the sister was coming from the clinical research industry, she failed to find a suitable study in the right place at the right time. This sister is Maya Zlatanova, co-founder and CEO of FindMeCure. And this is how the story of our company began...

For Many We Love

Maya joined forces with Miroslav Valchev (COO) and Ivaylo Yosifov (CTO), two experienced software engineers. Respectively, they have been involved in the development of the British and Australian clinical trial registries. Together, they founded FindMeCure, a patient-centric platform to empower patients to easily identify relevant trials close to them. To this date, we have helped more than 370 000 patients in their search for clinical trials and supported them in being connected to the study team - free of charge. We are staying true to our core principle: Give first!

For the Industry

By now it is no longer a secret that patient recruitment is one of the main challenges in the industry. Around 85% of clinical trials are getting delayed, and lack of patients is the main reason why nine out of ten trials fail. FindMeCure’s founders gathered a team of industry experts and advisers to tackle patient recruitment challenges. We understand the industry’s need for fast, accurate and condition-specific data, therefore we created TrialHub.
FindMeCure is dedicated to bringing clinical trials closer to patients

By using the power of data and technology. We believe that the only real solution for successful clinical trials lies in empowering partnership and transparency between stakeholders.
FindMeCure’s mission is to be the mediator - the missing link.

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