Future treatments within your reach

We believe there are no such things as incurables, but only things for which a cure has not been found yet.

FindMeCure is the missing link between the clinical research industry and the countless people looking for an alternative.

We are dedicated to building a bridge between you and the world of medical innovations, so you can search, find and join a trial within few clicks.

How it works
FindMeCure provides great search algorithm, patient-centered results, visual approach and treatments comparison.
Unique search algorithm
  • searches through 95% of the clinical trials worldwide
  • evaluates them according to your personal criteria
  • connects you with the trial leading researcher
Patient-centered results
  • the platform takes into account your condition, location, age etc.
  • you get a list of studies personalized to you
  • search made easy to adjust with a few clicks
Trials at a glance
  • the most important aspects of your trial visualized
  • medical terms made simple to understand
  • trials are rated to show you their search relevance
It's easy to use
  1. Enter your condition in the search box.
  2. Use the filters for better results.
  3. Choose trials from the personalized list.
  4. Learn all important aspects for those trials.
  5. Make an informed decision and join the best trial.
Maya Zlatanova Co-founder
Maya Zlatanova

Co-founder & CEO

Miroslav Valchev Co-founder
Miroslav Valchev

Co-founder & COO

Ivaylo Yosifov Co-founder
Ivaylo Yosifov

Co-founder & CTO

Victor Tsenkov Full-Stack Dev
Victor Tsenkov

Full-Stack Dev

Veselina Foteva Marketing
Veselina Foteva


Borjana Krusteva UI/UX
Borjana Krusteva


Dr. Slaveyko Djambazov
Dr. Slaveyko Djambazov

consultant, investor, entrepreneur, former Medical Director at Sanofi Pasteur

Ventsislav Dobrev
Ventsislav Dobrev

Medical Director Oncology at Novartis

Greg Koski
Greg Koski

Co-founder at Alliance for Clinical Research Excellence and Safety, ACRES

Mary Tobin
Mary Tobin, PhD

Special Advisor to the President/Chief Executive Officer at Alliance for Clinical Research Excellence and Safety (ACRES)

ACRES - Alliance for Clinical Research Excellence and Safety.
ACRES is more than an organization. It is a multi-stakeholder collaborative of like-minded organizations dedicated to building a global system for excellence in clinical research based on the values of Integrity, inclusiveness, innovation and implementation.
International Alliance of Patients' Organizations
IAPO is a unique global alliance representing patients of all nations across all disease areas and promoting patient-centred healthcare across the world.
Techstars - The Worldwide Entrepreneur Network
Techstars is a worldwide network that helps entrepreneurs succeed. Techstars Startup Programs inspire, educate, and connect entrepreneurs.
FindMeCure is proud to partner with Techstars and participate in Techstars London 2017 cohort.
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