Allergies are affecting the lives of more than 1 billion people worldwide. The research on the topic says that it’s been an epidemic rise during the last 60 years and if the trend continued with the same pace the expected prevalence might reach up to 4 billion in 2050s.

Because of these numbers and some other stats we at FindMeCure dedicated some time and inspiration on creating a couple of informational materials on the problem — blogs, infographics and videos about allergies and how to prevent them in the best way.

Last week for instance, we published a blog post on Hay Fever, as well as an infrographic on how to eliminate the triggers of it at home. A short video on the most important points was also published on Facebook and Youtube. You can watch HERE and SHARE it wherever you want 🙂

This week we’re going to cover another aspect — allergies in children. Allergy in Children: What Parents Can Do is the title of a beautiful and very informative infographic that explains most of the allergic conditions, what triggers them, what the symptoms are and, of course, what parents can do to help and protect their kids from this unpleasant and sometimes dangerous health condition.




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