The total number of people living with depression in the world is devastating. Over 322 million people around the globe are affected by the condition. Meanwhile, depression is among the top 20 leading causes of death taking that over 1.5% of the people with depression attempt suicide.

This is the latest data announced by the World Health Organization which dedicated this year’s World Health Day namely to depression.

Meanwhile, research suggests that the majority of people have rather negative attitudes towards people with depression along with other mental illnesses. Young children often refer to people with depression as “crazy” and “weird” and unfortunately this manner of speaking doesn’t change much throughout adulthood. Another stereotype puts the label of “dangerous” to people with depression.

Send your story on depression to and get it featured in an E-Book

This is how the stigma around the condition grows into a monster.

People with depression are not “crazy” or “dangerous”. They are rather persistently sad. Depressed people normally have several of the following: a loss of energy; a change in appetite; change in sleeping patterns; anxiety; reduced concentration; indecisiveness; restlessness; feelings of worthlessness, guilt, or hopelessness; sometimes thoughts of self-harm.

Some of these people might be your best friends, your mother or sister, or you yourself.

It is something that can happen to anybody.

Therapists and experts always advise the same – don’t judge, don’t stigmatize, don’t ignore.

Offer to understand. Offer empathy. Be there.

And this is something we are planning to offer now. FindMeCure is launching an indicative. Let’s talk about depression. No inconvenience. No shame. No reticence.

If you know somebody who is sad, who lacks energy and enthusiasm, don’t stay indifferent. Go there and listen to their story and then write down how you felt being there. Or maybe you feel like talking about it, like having something to share without being judged?

Every story matters. What’s yours?

We are here to listen to you. Let’s break the stigma together.

From now on, we will be collecting your stories about depression. May they be raw and real. What do you want to say, what do you want to hear, what do you want to feel. Write it down. Words have power.

Send us your depression story, tell us how you cope with it and we will feature it in a free e-book to give your story a voice.

Every story matters, every story get its page.

Send us your depression stories at


Did you know that nearly 400 clinical trials around the world are trying to find a remedy for depression without using drugs and medications but only by observations and dietary supplements? You can find some of them on FindMeCure.


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  2. […] is why we at FindMeCure called for your depression stories. So far, we have received really genuine and honest emails from people all around the world. […]

  3. im gay is that a disorder?

  4. You want to know how I fight my depression? I am bipolar hypomanic. I am 71 and being divorced by my 76 year old husband of 49 years. After the divorce, my social security will be $824,00 per month. If I am lucky and the Court awards me some of his social security and a bit of his paycheck and pension, I will have maybe $2000.00 per month. I have credit card bills that far exceed that. I am slightly disabled, but can’t get a job because of my age, even though I am well educated. When the house is sold, I will get about $1000.000 and have to pay off about $50,000 is credit card debt. I won’t have enough to buy a house, condo, or rent an apartment. I have no living relatives and no friends that can help. I cope with my depression by daydreaming about two thing. The first is my impending suicide. The second fantasy is about killing the next person who tellls me it “will all work out”. (No, I am not going to do the second one, just the first one.!) Strange to say it, but these fantasies actually bring me some peace. I lived a nonsmoking, non drinking, non-drugging , respectable and hardworking life, but this is what I wound up with, being able to work only part time *bipolar condition” and having no pension. All the hard work, therapy, loyalty, taking my medicines as directed, and effort were for nothing. The “happy horse****” stories on depression web sites do not help when you know you’re going to be living on the street or (if lucky) in your car and barely surviving or choosing not to survive.

    Is anyone else out there in the same position?

  5. Hi,
    Where do I view the eBook about the depression stories?

  6. Will the e-book ever be published?
    Is there is an estimated time frame for when it will be released?
    Just asking as it’s been over a year.

  7. Any update on this yet?
    I took part 2 years ago and they never published anything.

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