Тhe world is getting fatter and no one knows how to stop it. This is how an article published on Bloomberg a few months ago was titled. We all know obesity is the epidemic of the 21st century but is it as apocalyptic as it sounds?

There are no doubts that obesity is a global health problem causing tons of headaches not only for the affected individuals but for the humanity in general. The research proves it.  Across the globe, in wealthy and developing countries, among men, women, and children, the number of obese or overweight people is rocketing.

Around 40% of the adults fall into these categories and this leads to numerous health related consequences.  While in the past fatter people were considered healthy, as it was a sign they were well fed, today the picture reveals quite different aspects.

Research warns that obesity leads to a broad list of health conditions such as high blood pressure, certain types of strokes and cancer, sleep apnea, kidney disease, diabetes type 2, osteoporosis, pregnancy problems etc.

Some sources claim that economic forces are the roots of the problem, while others blame the low quality of the food we eat. The truth is complicated and varies from country to country. But the common trends are clear: rising incomes, changing food supplies and decline in physical activity.

According to WHO, in 2014 almost half of the population was considered at least overweight, especially in the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East.

Despite the efforts of governments, medical companies, research centers and the media, the battle with obesity breeds more questions than answers. What are the steps humanity needs to make in order to stop the obesity epidemic? Do we need to focus on global solutions or do we have to push on the individual field? Is the genetics to blame, or is the food and the collective lack of willpower?  And lastly, how true is that no one knows how to stop it?

Here is an attempt to ignore for a while the apocalyptic titles in the media and to organize all the answers we managed to find about some of the crucial obesity questions. Take a look at the infographic we prepared and tell us what else you want to know.


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  1. i found this article very interesting and helpful,thanks very much.

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