2019 was a big year for the FindMeCure blog. The blog was selected as one of the Top 20 Clinical Trials Blogs to follow in 2019 and we are honoured by the recognition. All of us on the FindMeCure team do what we believe in with passion and conviction and our greatest reward are the people we help, the lives we change and the progress we make by raising awareness about the world of clinical trials and medical research. 

We value our readership, we appreciate the discussions you start under our posts and we take seriously the questions you have. To begin the new decade as strongly as we finish this one, we’ll take a look at the blog posts you enjoyed the most in 2019, so let the countdown begin.    

  1. Dating After Ostomy: 4 Of Your Biggest Concerns

Treatments in development and medical advancements are important but so are your more private concerns – how will your life look after your diagnosis, will you enjoy the same things you did before you developed a chronic illness, how will various treatments and procedures affect your dating life? All of these things: your career, your hobbies, your friends and your partner, can have an impact on your quality of life just as much as the treatment you chose. We don’t shy away from addressing these more personal questions.  

  1. 5 Recent Advancements For Myasthenia Gravis

We are a clinical trials blog after all and our main interest lies in raising awareness about medical research and the progress made by clinical trials. Every new drug on the market, every vaccine, every new screening method, every device, every procedure is the result of extensive clinical research. Breakthroughs happen almost every month now and those of you who live with myasthenia gravis or have a loved one who does can use the hope such knowledge brings.  

  1. Stoma Bag Answers For The Nervous IBD Patient

Our hearts break when the damage of IBD cannot be contained and part of the intestine needs to be removed to prevent perforation or keep the disease under control. With emerging new treatments, even severe cases of IBD can be tamed with the right medication (like biologics) but surgery sometimes is unavoidable. Ostomy is a life-saving procedure and many patients report complete remission after having gone through it, so it really can be a blessing in disguise. Here you’ll find the reassurance and answers you need.     

  1. IBD And Eating Disorders – Is There A Link?

It seems like a lot of you related to the psychological struggle of living with IBD and in particular, the way this autoimmune disease affects a person’s relationship with food. Eating disorder therapists and coaches now talk about disordered eating – all of those habits, feelings, and thoughts that don’t fall under the definition of an eating disorder but are nevertheless psychologically unhealthy. Many people who live with IBD may not develop an eating disorder but some patterns of disordered eating are frequently observed.  

  1. 6 Questions You Have About Biologics For IBD

Biologics are the darling of the clinical research world and one of the most promising treatments for autoimmune diseases. Although highly effective, biologic therapies have a bad rap in some patients communities because their potential side effects can be severe and are certainly not to be underestimated. In this blog post, we answer all of your questions about biologics including side effects, vaccinations and schedule for administering them.  

  1. Misdiagnosed Early Signs Of Myasthenia Gravis

The importance of diagnosing an autoimmune disease as early as possible cannot be overstated. The earlier the treatment begins, the smaller the damage done to tissues and organs attacked by the body’s own immune system. In the case of myasthenia gravis, early signs of the disease can be confused for a number of other neurological diseases. Being aware of some confusing early symptoms, however, can make it easier for your doctor to address your concerns and test you for MG. 

  1. 7 Famous People With Myasthenia Gravis

Representation matters. It makes us feel less alone in our struggles and it gives us someone to relate to. Even though myasthenia gravis is a rare disease, there have always been people battling it bravely and some of those people were in the limelight when they got diagnosed. Stories of incredible achievements and career success despite hardships are important and deserve to be shared.   

  1. 6 Facts About IBS That Set It Apart From IBD

As a functional disorder, IBS can’t be effectively measured and so the reason behind the symptoms cannot be addressed. Although symptoms are often similar, IBS is nothing like IBD for one simple reason – there is no inflammation present. In fact, there are no structural changes in the digestive tract that symptoms can be attributed to at all. What else sets the two apart? Find out in our post. 

  1. Do Vaccines Cause Autism? The Origins Of The Myth

We’re on the side of science and we’re also on the side of parents – we understand the instinct to protect your children and make the best decision for their health. This is why simply stating that vaccines do not cause autism isn’t enough – we wanted to debunk the myth by telling you the whole story of where it originated and how it spread. And beyond that, we now know thanks to researchers that the first signs of autism precede vaccination. The cause of autism is yet to be discovered but one thing is certain – neither ‘cold’, career-oriented mothers nor vaccines are to blame.  

  1. 5 Early Signs Of Autoimmune Disease

In the earliest stages, it’s hard to differentiate autoimmune diseases. Signs of autoimmunity, however, appear before any particular symptoms of a disease are present. Inflammation is not hard to spot but some of its signs can be neglected or pinned to other causes. It’s important to be aware of the ways your body gives you signals that something is wrong before any severy symptoms are present. Autoimmunity can be diagnosed with a blood test that looks for auto-antibodies or tests looking for inflammation, so know the signs and keep track of them because seeking a medical opinion can save important organs from damage. 

With this, we turn a new page and welcome 2020. The future can always surprise us because life is an adventure but one thing is certain – we’ll continue to create quality content that answers your questions, so you can have everything you need to make informed decisions about your health. If you’re looking for treatments in development, you can search for the right clinical trial on our website and get access to the most promising medical innovations.

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