Morgan from Is Was Will Be is one of those people who persevere despite the difficulties and no chronic illness can stop them from living their life to the fullest. On her blog, you’ll find all about the spoonie life, mental health and natural living so you can know you’re not alone on your journey.

Today Morgan shares with FindMeCure what life is like with a chronic illness during a pandemic and how to preserve your sanity in these trying times.

All of the unknowns surrounding COVID-19 can trigger a lot of anxiety, especially as someone with a chronic illness. We have so many questions and no answers.

Am I concerned about possibly contracting COVID-19? Yes. Am I worried/terrified? No. 

I feel like I fall into the doomsday prepper category. For the past 3 years (since diagnosis), I have been transitioning into the lifestyle we are all forced to live now.

I know a lot of people are freaking out being forced to stay inside and eat home-cooked food or spending time with their family. Not me. It’s pretty much business as usual.

I already stopped going out much and partying all the time. Being home, taking much-needed naps, keeping an emergency stock of food and supplies are all norms for those with chronic illnesses that can flare at any moment. 

In all actuality, the COVID-19 lockdown is quite similar to my regular chronic illness lifestyle. Chronic Illness has taught me that there are so many things beyond my control. That’s how I’m able to manage my anxieties and emotions.

I don’t have control over if I catch COVID-19 or how long this pandemic will last. However, I can do my best to protect myself and request that others respect those boundaries. I can focus on doing things to ease my anxiety and not play into them. 

Ways to Manage Emotions during a Pandemic

  • Limiting Media Consumption

I noticed a year ago that media (news, social media, etc) is a huge trigger for my anxiety and depression. So I limit my media consumption. It’s ok to stay informed but too much can be overwhelming to the system. 

  • Keeping a routine

An idle mind is never a good thing for me. I still wake up every day like I’m going to work and try to make the best of every day. Writing what I want to accomplish for the week and then breaking that up into daily taskers. 

  • Exploring creative outlets

Thank goodness for my love of crafts. This is the perfect time to dive into something creative: painting, sculpture, drawing, music. 

  • Journaling

Writing is a way to express my thoughts when I feel like no one else will understand. When the anxiety builds up, I write it out. Let all my thoughts and feelings spew on the page. Also I write daily affirmations as needed to give myself a positive boost. 

  • Move my Body

The gyms may be closed but my body isn’t. I try to dance or do yoga in the house. It helps relieve stress and burns off some of the good foods I’ve been stress-eating

  • Focusing on the good

Believe it or not there is good from every situation. Maybe this is the much-needed quality time you’ve been wanting to spend with your family. Or maybe you can finally start that thing you’ve been putting off. The point is, you can come out on the other end of this time with a gain not a loss. 

Stay present and take care.

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