What if every single part of your body hurts and you have no explanation? What if it’s hard for doctors to determine your diagnosis? What if there is no relief in sight?


Chronic pain is a leading cause of debilitation and disability nowadays. It is not a symptom as most people consider it; it is a condition that few people talk about.

Although there are dozens of conditions related to pain, there is one chronic pain that is widely under-recognized and misdiagnosed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), formerly known as RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, is characterized by one of the most severe levels of pain – 42 out of a possible 50 on the McGill University Pain Scale. It is proved to cause an intense feeling of pain regarded to be more painful than natural childbirth, amputation, or terminal cancer pain. And for many, the pain is constant.

Meet Thomas Jarvis

Tom is a patient with CRPS that has suffered pain 24/7 for over seven years now. It all started when he was hiking on the mountains and fell on ice. He twisted his left ankle, his lower back, hit his head and later found out he also had a broken rib. It was one month later when the foot gave him severe problems.

After trying a number of different therapies that didn’t work for him, he came across FindMeCure – while looking for an option for a treatment. Being impressed by his willingness to manage his disease, we wanted to share his story with all the patients out there being in a similar situation.

 The Diagnosis

I received my CRPS diagnosis in December 2010 – almost a year after the injury, and after many CT scans, MRIs and consultations with neurosurgeons. The second time was May, 2011 where the head of Neurology at Boston Medical Center confirmed it.

When my wife and I heard RSD/CRPS we said: “What is that…never heard of it”. The reality came later when we started to research the disease.

The Symptoms

I feel burning sensation, stabbing pain, coldness. I have also discoloration located in my left foot. It is hard to explain as words are not enough.


I have been taking different kinds of treatments that all failed – two spinal cord stimulators, eleven spinal cord injections and that was for over a 2-year period. I have also tried alternative therapies, physical therapy, acupuncture. However, I am still desperate as pain is 24/7.

The worst thing

Loss of the life I once knew – driving, traveling, boating, hiking, fishing, cooking, being independent and not having to rely on my wife to do everything and have FUN.

 Clinical trials

I am not familiar with clinical trials but I want to be a part of such a thing, I feel this can help me to a better life without pain. After reading about clinical trials I believe they can give HOPE and help people like me in NEED.

I can only HOPE medicine will find a cure …I feel this clinical trial that I applied for through FindMeCure is the answer. Please keep your good work. So many of us are suffering from this disease which overpowers your life. We are looking for HOPE and can only hope clinical trials will be the answer.

Where to find HOPE

It is difficult to cope but the love and support of my family has given me HOPE…that is what keeps me going with a pain level of over 10 every hour of the day.  HOPE!

To all patients out there who have been diagnosed with CRPS, I would advise them: find a doctor who can help. Please bear in mind that there are very few who understand this disease as it is quite difficult to be recognized.

If you are also experiencing any kind of chronic pain or CRPS in particular, you can search the nearest to you clinical trial at  www.findmecure.com. Just type your exact condition, location, gender, and age.

Start by asking your doctor about it or do your own research.


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