This is Roger. Roger is a nice guy. He has a caring family and a promising job. He seems to be in his early 30`s. Roger, like all people, also has dreams. To travel the world. To build a beautiful house. To become a well respected, appreciated, maybe even famous person. To create things. Or simply to have a good life, whatever a good life means to him.

As it often happens in life — not everything is always a plain/smooth-обикновено така си върви „smooth sailing“; sailing. Lately many of his dreams have been jeopardized. Roger’s quality of life has worsened significantly due to a medical condition that can’t be effectively treated anymore by the drugs at the pharmacy.

The reality is that when health is unstable or missing, there is no bigger priority. And it gets even more complicated when the solution is not so easy to find.

Ellen is developing a new drug to help people with the same medical condition like Roger. Her clinical trial is at too.eln

On the other side

On the other side of the same story stays Ellen. Ellen is a medical researcher. She is developing a new drug to help people with the same medical condition like Roger.

Ellen needs more participants in her closely looked clinical trial to prove the qualities of the new drug and release it on the market to help more people.

Roger and Ellen don’t know each other.

They never had the chance to meet. Maybe they have always been separated by the stigma surrounding clinical trials? Maybe their paths just never crossed? The research on clinical trials and participants behavior has some answers here, but I will leave them for another blog post.

What we know for sure is that if Roger and Ellen had a place to meet, they could help each other tremendously.

Roger and Ellen are fictional characters, but their problems are real. So is the solution.

Collecting the bricks

There are more than 200 000 clinical trials that are being conducted in almost every country on Earth. Diabetes, Alzheimer, Rare diseases, Obesity, Depression, Cancer, CVD — you name the condition. There is a study for each of them searching for a new or a better cure than the existing ones.

Furthermore, many of the clinical trials are at a stage when positive effects are already present and the specific results could be checked by every patient before enrollment.

Moreover, over 90% of the volunteers in clinical trials report that they would join a trial again, if given the chance. But less than 10% of all patients actually participate in clinical trials for various reasons. The main one — not enough understanding of the available resources.

So here FindMeCure comes.

Search, compare, find clinical trials within minutes.

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