What if patients knew that treatments
of tomorrow are few steps away?
We are here to help them take the first step to clinical trials through
education, knowledge and personal support
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Why this matters?
Today there are over 50 000 ongoing clinical trials worldwide
looking for millions of patients with various conditions that could help them
access innovative therapies now
At the same time
Only 15% of patients are aware that clinical trials
are a treatment option at the time of their diagnosis
Support groups they turn to for more information,
do not always have the resources to keep them up-to-date
This is how we help
Patient support
We provide patient communities with a searchable database of clinical trials so patients can learn what is out there and access innovative therapies.
Our support tool
We organize regular educational webinars and workshops for patients about the benefits and risks of clinical trials and all important details they should be aware of.
Our initiatives
Community engagement
We attend various events of patient organizations worldwide to raise awareness about clinical trials among their patient network.
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Because knowledge is part of the cure
We create educational materials for the needs of patient
communities and their members to read and share
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We know that together
is better!
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