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Diode Laser Therapy As An Adjunct To Non-Surgical Management Of Chronic Periodontitis - A Pilot Study (NCT03028727)

Laser therapy has been proposed as a novel treatment option in controlling subgingival microorganisms. This randomized controlled clinical trial evaluates the effect of 980nm diode laser as an adjunct to scaling and root planing (SRP) in the management of chronic periodontitis (CP).
  • Procedure: Ultrasonic Scaling and root planing
    Procedure of scaling and root planing at day 0 and at 1 week
    • Procedure: 980 nm diode laser irradiation
      Procedure of scaling and root planing and application of 980 nm diode laser at day 0 and at 1 week
      Ages eligible for Study
      30 Years to 50 Years
      Genders eligible for Study
      Accepts Healthy Volunteers
      Inclusion Criteria:
      • 40 systemically healthy subjects diagnosed with generalized moderate CP in the age group of 30 to 50 years.
      • Minimum of 20 teeth having atleast two non-adjacent sites per quadrant with probing pocket depth of ≥ 5mm and clinical attachment loss of 3- 4 mm
      Exclusion Criteria:
      • Patients who had undergone periodontal therapy 6 months prior to the commencement of the study.
      • Subjects on antibiotics or immunosuppressants.
      • Chronic smokers, alcoholics, smokeless tobacco users.
      • Subjects with acute illnesses/acute intraoral lesions.
      • Pregnant women
      • Subjects who had undergone extensive restorative dental treatment.
      Conventional mechanical debridement can achieve a temporary decrease in the subgingival levels of Pg along with other pathogens. However, mechanical therapy alone may fail to eliminate pathogenic bacterial niches in inaccessible areas like deep pockets, root concavities, furcation areas etc. In search of more efficient and less traumatic techniques to improve periodontal healing, researchers proposed the use of lasers in periodontal therapy.

      The adjunctive use of lasers with conventional tools may facilitate treatment and have the potential to improve healing. The diode laser is highly absorbed in hemoglobin and other pigments and is excellent for use in soft tissue surgical procedures.Laser application in improving clinical outcome in periodontal therapy, needs to be further investigated with well designed clinical trials. The investigators attempted to evaluate the efficacy of diode laser as an adjunct to SRP in the management of CP by evaluating clinical parameters coupled with quantitative estimation of P.gingivalis using Real-time Polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) assay.
      28 February, 2013
      18 January, 2017
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