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Bivalve vaginal speculum insertion is a basic final step of vaginal examination. Unfortunately, it can't be inserted in young girls, virgins, nulliparous women with narrow vagina, women with vaginismus or patients with a history of previous vaginal surgery. In such cases, the value of vaginoscopy (examination of the vagina without speculum) is evident. Indications of vaginoscopy are expanding. In addition to confirmation of suspected vaginal masses or polypi diagnosis, it can be used to diagnose laceration of the vaginal wall in girls due to foreign body , traumatic injuries or sexual abuse. In a systematic review, the effectiveness and feasibility of using hysteroscopy for exploration of the immature genital tract (vaginoscopy) were documented.It may help in the diagnosis and treatment of gynecologic disorders in adolescent patients with an intact hymen, limited vaginal access, or a narrow vagina. Another recent systematic review highlighted the importance of Vagino-hysteroscopy as an easy way to gain access to the cervical canal and an important tool with which to diagnose and treat vaginal lesions. In practice, we notice leakage of excessive irrigating fluid per vagina with poor visualization during vaginoscopy. To the best of our knowledge, no study addressed a solution to improve visualization and success of vaginoscopic surgery. This study aims to test feasibility and doctor satisfaction of performing conventional diagnostic vaginoscopy if compared to tight diagnostic vaginoscopy and success on performing tight vaginoscopic surgery in patients with vaginal or cervical lesions.

Provided treatments

  • Device: Tight vaginoscope

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Tris trial is registered with FDA with number: NCT03024242. The sponsor of the trial is Assiut University and it is looking for 34 volunteers for the current phase.
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