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Effect of Normal and High Protein Diets in Lean Mass, Adiposity, and Strength in Postmenopausal Women Practitioners of Resistance Exercise (NCT03024125)

This study evaluates the effect of different types of diets (high and normal protein) on lean and fat mass, and strength in postmenopausal women practitioners of resistance exercise. Two groups will be created: high protein (1.2 protein g/body mass/day) and normal protein (0.8 protein g/body mass/day). The same training will be performed for both groups.
  • Other: High protein
    To observe the effect of a high protein (HP) diet over muscle mass, fat mass, and strength changes, focusing in differences between the NP and HP groups.
    • Other: Normal protein
      To observe the effect of a normal protein (NP) diet over muscle mass, fat mass, and strength changes
      • Other: Training
        The physical strength training will be performed equally by both groups, containing exercises for upper and lower limbs and aiming for hypertrophy.
        Ages eligible for Study
        Genders eligible for Study
        Accepts Healthy Volunteers
        Accepts Healthy Volunteers
        Inclusion Criteria:
        • Women in the postmenopausal period (menopausal for at least one year, confirmed by laboratory diagnostic tests menopause - LH and high FSH and estradiol decreased);
        • Healthy;
        • Who agree to participate and sign the consent term.
        Exclusion Criteria:
        • The one who does not provide the necessary information for the development of the study;
        • Present orthopedic limitations;
        • Patients with previously diagnosed and treatment of diseases such as type II diabetes mellitus, hypertension and cardiovascular disease.
        Both groups will undergo the same training protocol, differing only on the protein content of the diet. The dietary assessment will be made through the 24-hour food recall, being conducted at the beginning, middle and end of the intervention. Resistance exercises for upper and lower limbs will be performed, at 70% of one repetition maximum. SPPB, tug, 6-minutes and 400 meters will be performed.
        active not recruiting
        30 April, 2016
        16 January, 2017
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