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Hospitals, doctors and caregivers, who take care of increasingly heavy patients, are faced with ever more complex situations, particularly in the case of severe, progressive, and incurable pathologies. Thanks to their willingness and expertise, these care providers try to guarantee the continuity and quality of care for both patients and patients in a palliative situation. Nevertheless, these same actors testify to the complexity they encounter in the care of patients in advanced or terminal stages, especially since the concept of "palliative care", which was often erroneously reduced during the Any end of life and therefore death, remains a source of questions, contradictions, even resistances. In this context, how do physicians and caregivers appropriate palliative care? How do they react to the complexity and intensity of certain situations? Do they have specific expectations of help or support in the face of certain difficulties? Are there actions to be carried out and developed to make the aid given to these actors of the palliative approach more efficient? These are the topics that the HUS palliative care service proposes to explore through a study of physicians and caregivers working in HUS services for adult patients with LISP.

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Tris trial is registered with FDA with number: NCT03021967. The sponsor of the trial is University Hospital, Strasbourg, France and it is looking for 20 volunteers for the current phase.
Official trial title:
Preliminary Study: Perceptions of Doctors and Caregivers Confronted With Adult Patients in Advanced or Terminal Stage of a Severe, Progressive and Incurable Pathology in the Services of the Hospitals University of Strasbourg Including Beds Identified Palliative Care