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Spinal growth dystrophy (CRD), also called Scheuermann's disease, corresponding to impaired vertebral structure occurring in children and adolescents with involvement of the growth cartilage causing impaired growth and kyphosis. There are forms thoracolumbar and thoracic conventional forms of DRC with variable clinical expressions; the most important being kyphosis with spinal stiffness associated with painful elements. The radiographic definition according Sorenson is uniformisation 5 ° affecting at least three adjacent vertebrae. Scheuermann's disease and three problems. First, the thoracic kyphosis generates back pain which may be thoracic or lumbar indirectly attributed to compensatory lordosis. Moreover disruption sagittal balance frequently causes a significant aesthetic discomfort. Finally, scalability because the curvature may increase the likelihood of degenerative lesions disc degeneration or lumbar spinal stenosis for example. When the disease is diagnosed early, treatment is most often associated with orthopedic physiotherapy. However, for patients with active deformation, despite an orthopedic brace treatment with chronic pain, neurological deficit or for aesthetic reasons, surgical decision can be taken. The goal of surgical treatment of DRC is a correction of the thoracic kyphosis. It goes through a spinal fusion must be released from his column stiffness in a bad position, changing the equilibrium profile and ensure that it remains in a good position. This surgery usually requires a prior operative time (thoracic surgery to remove the intervertebral discs) and a posterior surgical time (blockage of the vertebrae together with a bone graft and osteosynthesis). Currently different surgical strategies are practiced there is no real consensus between the teams.

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  • Other: No intervention. Observational and descriptive study

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Tris trial is registered with FDA with number: NCT02904681. The sponsor of the trial is Groupe Hospitalier Paris Saint Joseph and it is looking for 16 volunteers for the current phase.
Official trial title:
Multicenter Retrospective Evaluation of the Surgical Management of Spinal Growth Dystrophy