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The purpose

Many metabolic disturbances, such as protein-energy wasting, inulin resistance, and dyslipidemia are common features of chronic kidney disease (CKD). However, to date, the underlying mechanisms of these disturbances remain elusive. Many in vitro studies have demonstrated that white adipose cells exhibit dysfunctions in conditions that mimics uremic environment. In good agreement, several animal experiments have reported that chronic kidney disease was associated with lipoatrophy, adipose tissue dysfunction and ectopic lipid redistribution. The goal of this protocol is to collect and study structural and metabolic properties of white adipose tissue in CKD stage V patients to evidence adipose tissue dysfunction associated with CKD. The primary outcome measure will be the cellularity of the adipose tissue (i.e. size of the adipose cells) and the secondary measure to study the gene expression profile using microarray and metabolic properties of adipose tissue (i.e. lipogenesis). To this end, 15 male adult volunteers and 15 non-diabetic and non-dialyzed CKD stage V patients, matched for age, gender and body mass index (BMI) will be recruited at the Departments of Nephrology or Urology of Lyon University Hospital (Lyon, France). The biopsies of abdominal subcutaneous white adipose tissue (2-3 g) will be performed during elective urologic surgery (i.e. peritoneal dialysis catheter for CKD patients and radical prostatectomy for non CKD patients).

Provided treatments

  • Other: Biopsy of abdominal subcutaneous white adipose tissue (2-3 g)

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Tris trial is registered with FDA with number: NCT02902705. The sponsor of the trial is Hospices Civils de Lyon and it is looking for 23 volunteers for the current phase.
Official trial title:
Morphological and Functional Changes in White Adipose Tissue in Nondiabetic Chronic Kidney Disease Patients