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3rd generation cephalosporins (C3G) are the antibiotics recommended in probabilistic in most enteric infections in France including pyelonephritis and bacteraemia. However, the prevalence of resistance of Enterobacteriaceae including E. coli to C3G is continuously increasing for several years. In 2012, in France, the proportion of E. resistant or intermediate coli categorized to C3G is 10 to 25% (EARSS data). Antibiotics not adapted early in severe sepsis is responsible for worse prognosis for patients in terms of morbidity and mortality and unnecessary prolongation of the DMS. At St. Joseph's Hospital on enterobacteria levels of resistance to C3G is 15.4%. To avoid overuse of carbapenems for probabilistic antibiotic and to quickly prescribe antibiotics adapted to the resistance of the bacteria, it is interesting to use a rapid test for detection of resistance to C3G. The Lacta ™ test could be used in this indication. This is a rapid test diagnostic orientation detecting hydrolysis of a substrate (chromogenic cephalosporin) by the enzymatic action of ESBL, cAMP-type cephalosporinases and carbapenemases. This test was initially marketed for rapid detection of resistance to C3G enterobacteria from isolated bacterial colonies in culture.

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Tris trial is registered with FDA with number: NCT02897609. The sponsor of the trial is Groupe Hospitalier Paris Saint Joseph and it is looking for 200 volunteers for the current phase.
Official trial title:
Clinical Evaluation of Beta-Lacta ™ Test in Urinary Infections