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Since 2014 45 minutes of physical activity (PA) has been a mandatory part of all public schools in Denmark. PA has to be part of subject teaching, including Physical Education (PE), and of so-called support teaching. Research has shown that teachers not always find it meaningful to implement PA during lessons. In addition, even though PA seemingly has positive impacts on children's concentration and learning, teachers find it hard to integrate good quality PA with the learning objectives of any school subject. The purpose of this study is therefore to: 1) Analyse teachers' underlying factors of motivation for using PA as a learning tool using The Self Determination Theory (SDT), and 2) analyse how to support teachers' motivation by using the theory of scaffolding. The study uses mixed methods. Through quantitative and qualitative methods the study analyses behavioural patterns focusing on teachers' motivation for implementing PA and need for support. The process is iterative moving from a quantitative (survey) to a qualitative approach (interviews). The study provides new and important knowledge of teachers' motivation for implementing PA as a learning tool. Results from SDT analysis will point out teachers' levels of controlled versus autonomous motivation, and analysing teacher's need for scaffolding will give insight into how teachers' motivation can be framed in the process of implementing PA. There can be both potentials and barriers for implementing PA in a learning context, and in the process of implementing PA during school days the role of the teacher becomes crucial. It is therefore important to understand teachers underlying factors of motivation for using PA as a learning tool, and in order to help them carry out qualified and suitable PA, it is important that the investigators know how to support them and maintain their motivation in this process.

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Tris trial is registered with FDA with number: NCT02894346. The sponsor of the trial is University of Southern Denmark and it is looking for 250 volunteers for the current phase.
Official trial title:
Moving Towards Learning: Understanding Teachers' Motivation for Using Physical Activity as a Tool for Learning