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Acute Myeloid Leukemia, EBV-Positive Neoplastic Cells Present, HLA-A*0201 Positive Cells Present, Minimal Residual Disease or Elevated WT1
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This is a medium phase trial determining
the safety and dosage of the new treatment, as well as its efficacy.
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This phase I/II trial studies the side effects of laboratory-treated (central memory/naive) cluster of differentiation 8+ T cells (autologous Wilms tumor [WT]1-T cell receptor [TCRc]4 gene-transduced CD8-positive central memory T-cells [TCM]/naive T cells [TN] lymphocytes) and how well it works in treating patients with acute myeloid leukemia that is newly diagnosed or has come back. Genetically modified therapies, such as autologous WT1-TCRc4 gene-transduced CD8-positive TCM/TN lymphocytes, are taken from a patient's blood, modified in the laboratory so they specifically may kill cancer cells with a protein called WT1, and safely given back to the patient. The "genetically modified" T-cells have genes added in the laboratory to allow them to recognize leukemia cells that express WT1 and kill them.

Provided treatments

  • Biological: Aldesleukin
  • Biological: Autologous WT1-TCRc4 Gene-transduced CD8-positive Tcm/Tn Lymphocytes
  • Other: Laboratory Biomarker Analysis
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Tris trial is registered with FDA with number: NCT02770820. The sponsor of the trial is Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and it is looking for 35 volunteers for the current phase.
Official trial title:
Phase I/II Study of Autologous (Central Memory/Naïve) CD8+ T Cells That Have Been Transduced to Express a WT1-Specific T Cell Receptor for Treatment of AML