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Postpartum Hemorrhage
and you are
between 20 and 40
years old
This is a second phase trial assessing
efficacy and side effects of the new treatment.
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The purpose

Post-partum haemorrhage due to placenta previa is usually from the placental bed at the lower uterine segment and it occurs after the placenta separation. Although, nowadays the obstetrician can diagnose placenta previa before delivery, it is still one of the important causes of maternal mortality . Hysterectomy can be the only effective action to take, although it carries many morbidities for the women especially those with low parity. Uterine packing considers as a line of treatment before performing surgical procedures in postpartum hemorrhage resulting from placental site bleeding. It can save life, avoid laparotomy and save uterus. Nowadays, the use of intrauterine balloons have been developed and become effective for the control of placental site bleeding not responding to medical treatment. The 2-way Foley's Cather has many advantages over the gauze packing; First, it allows drainage of blood so no occult bleeding could be accumulated inside the uterus as in uterine gauze, second the removal of the Foley's Cather balloon is easy and not a painful, third, the removal of 2-way Foley's Cather could be gradually as a test of its effectiveness before complete removal .

Provided treatments

  • Device: Foley's cather ballon

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Tris trial is registered with FDA with number: NCT02640885. The sponsor of the trial is Assiut University and it is looking for 15 volunteers for the current phase.
Official trial title:
Use of Foley's Catheter Balloon Tamponade to Control Placental Site Bleeding Resulting From Placenta Previa During Cesarean Section