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Mental Disorders
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The purpose

Mental disorders are common in youth and adults. Symptoms of mental are aggravated by unemployment. Compared to the working population, the unemployed have higher rates of poor health, a tendency toward negative emotionality and depression, show symptoms of exhaustion more frequently, and experience disturbed sleep or have a sleep disorder. It can be reasonably expected that unemployment in adolescents and young adults causes the same symptoms and behaviors as in adults. In those youth with a mental disorder, particularly an untreated one, the transfer from school to the employment market can be hindered. At the same time, the investigators notice an increase in early disability pensions due to mental health issues among adolescents. Thus, the early recognition and treatment of mental disorders and psychological strain is crucial in promoting the employment of young people and supporting their connection to the employment market.With this project the investigators want to implement an early intervention and reach out to unemployed youth. The investigators identified the period between graduation and first employment as the ideal moment of intervention, because this time period is a critical period in which young people are exposed to increasing personal challenges. Conducting an intervention before a psychological stress transforms into a mental disorder, can prevent harm and suffering to the afflicted person. In addition, early intervention could help prevent the need to enroll in the early disability pension program.

Provided treatments

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Tris trial is registered with FDA with number: NCT02401984. The sponsor of the trial is Filomena Sabatella and it is looking for 83 volunteers for the current phase.
Official trial title:
Zürcher Adoleszenz-Screening-Instrument Psychischer Störungen