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Hepatitis B is a form of liver disease caused by a DNA-virus, called hepatitis B virus (HBV). Infection can result in an inflammation of the liver parenchyma with various clinical manifestations ranging from an asymptomatic course to jaundice. After contact with the virus the immunological response of the host determines the clinical outcome leading to either viral clearance or a chronic infection. Although several factors are responsible for the development of chronic HBV-infection, one of the factors is a weak and transient CD8+ T-cell responses after HBV infection. In chronic hepatitis B, inflammation can lead to scarring which is the driving force to fibrosis and cirrhosis. Some immunological parameters, like a newly discovered subset of IL-17 producing T helper cells (Th17 cells), may influence the disease progression of HBV. In the cirrhotic patient, eventually there is an increased risk of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) leading to liver failure. Recent literature in Asian patients with chronic hepatitis B showed that serum HBV viral load is a strong predictor for the development of cirrhosis, independent of hepatitis B e- antigen status and serum alanine transaminase level. It is unclear whether these results can be extrapolated to non-Asian (Caucasian and African) populations because of differences in host (HLA background) and viral (HBV genotype) factors. The aim of this study is to elucidate the question whether historic HBV viral load is associated with the risk of HBV-related cirrhosis or mortality in a cohort of non-Asian individuals with chronic hepatitis B infection.

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Tris trial is registered with FDA with number: NCT01462981. The sponsor of the trial is Public Health Service of Amsterdam and it is looking for 172 volunteers for the current phase.
Official trial title:
Cohort of Hepatitis B Research of Amsterdam