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Goal directed volume therapy means that bolus doses of 150-250 ml colloid fluid is administered to the patient during contemporary measurement of the patients stroke volume. The fluid status is considered optimized when stroke volume no longer increases with more than 10%, indicating that the patient is close to the top of the Frank-Starling curve. Several studies show that volume optimization reduces hospital stay and reduces the amount of surgical complications. The overall purpose is to investigate if the much more simple non invasive technique Pleth Variability Index can replace oesophageal doppler to guide volume therapy in routine health care, and to analyse if a volume kinetic test can be used to evaluate hypovolemia before surgery and make specific rehydration possible by analysing the correlation between this test and fluid optimization using stroke volume measurements. Primary hypothesis: 1. The volume of colloids that is given to volume optimise an anesthetized patient using Pleth Variability Index shows a good correlation to the volume used if volume optimisation is undertaken by the guidance of oesophageal doppler. 2. Data from the two methods correlate and discriminates similarly volume responders from non responders. 3. A volume kinetic model that indicates dehydration can predict the need for rehydration in order to achieve a well hydrated patient at start of surgery.

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  • Other: Volume of colloid infusion
  • Other: Volume of colloid infusion

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Tris trial is registered with FDA with number: NCT01458678. The sponsor of the trial is Lena Nilsson and it is looking for 150 volunteers for the current phase.
Official trial title:
Evaluation of Non Invasive Methods for Goal Directed Fluid Therapy During Abdominal Surgery