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The purpose

Physical activity and in particular sport is beneficial to health. Nevertheless, some of these activities may create a risk of injury. Ankle sprain is the most common sport related injury. Sports that are causing the highest number of ankle sprains are: football (30%), handball-basketball-volleyball-rugby (24%), gymnastics sports (6%), skiing (6%), cycling (6%), athletics (4%) and contact sports (4%). A recent study in the Netherlands identified a total of 1.3 million sports injuries. 47% of these patients required medical care. The total costs (direct and indirect) were assessed 84.240.000 EUR per year. Prospective studies demonstrated that athletes with a ankle sprain have a twofold risk of re-injury during the first year after the trauma, and in half of patients with an ankle sprain recurrence this could lead to instability or chronic pain of the ankle. The Wii Balance Board ® is a tool that is increasingly used in the field of health. In some hospitals, therapists are beginning to use it for the rehabilitation of patients after surgery, fractures or strokes. Patients are asked to complete their physical therapy session by practicing "sports" via video games such as skiing, bowling or hula hoop. Currently, there are no randomized controlled studies that publish on the effectiveness of this tool. Recently, a study investigated the efficacy of the Wii Balance Board ® to improve balance, strength, joint mobility and level of physical activity. After 10 weeks of training, people an increased strength and balance was found. However, these results still require statistical confirmation. Thus this objectives of this study are - To assess the efficacy of exercise training with the Wii Balance Board ® Platform - To evaluate the effectiveness of physical therapy (based on current guidelines) - To compare these two types of care (conventional physiotherapy versus Wii) to a control group (non-treatment).

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  • Other: Wii Balance Board

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Tris trial is registered with FDA with number: NCT01449760. The sponsor of the trial is University Hospital, Geneva and it is looking for 90 volunteers for the current phase.
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