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Vaginosis, Bacterial
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The primary goal of this phase is to monitor the long-term effects.
The treatment is already on the market.
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The purpose

It is not known if the use of NuvaRing® alters these innate and inflammatory biomarkers of inflammation. Hypothesis: The hypothesis is that NuvaRing® will alter inflammatory biomarkers of inflammation, such as vaginal defensin and cytokine levels, resulting in an overall anti-inflammatory milieu in the vagina. Specific aims of this study are to: 1. Determine biomarkers of inflammation, including defensins and cytokines, concentrations in women with normal vaginal flora (Nugent Score 0 - 3) before and after NuvaRing® use 2. Determine changes in the integrity of cervicovaginal epithelium and leukocytic concentration before and after treatment with NuvaRing® 3. Monitor for changes in the Nugent score before and after NuvaRing® use 4. Assess the antimicrobial activity of vaginal fluid before and after NuvaRing® use 5. Assess HIV infectivity ex vivo on biopsy specimens before and after NuvaRing® use Methods This is a prospective, open-label, nonrandomized study. Participants will serve as their own controls. The Clinical Research Center of Eastern Virginia Medical School, Norfolk, Virginia, U.S.A. will be the only study site.

Provided treatments

  • Drug: Etonogestrel /Ethinyl Estradiol Contraceptive Vaginal Ring

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Tris trial is registered with FDA with number: NCT01448291. The sponsor of the trial is Eastern Virginia Medical School and it is looking for 30 volunteers for the current phase.
Official trial title:
The Effects of the Etonogestrel 0.12mg/Ethinyl Estradiol 0.015mg Vaginal Ring (NuvaRing®) on Vaginal Innate and Inflammatory Biomarkers