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Background: Plantar fasciitis (PF) is a common problem that tends to attack about 10% of the population during life. This is a degenerative condition of the plantar fascia at its insertion at the bottom of the heel. Pain appears mainly on the first steps in the morning or after prolonged lack of weight bearing. The pain intensity can be very high and this can cause functional limitations and reduce quality of life. Despite the high prevalence of the PF, treatment is controversial and not supported by extensive research. Review of the previous studies on various treatments, mentioned steroid injections, shock waves, night splint, orthotics, heel padding and stretching exercises. Limitation of ankle dorsi flexion is a common finding and thought to be a contributing factor to the development of pathology. So far, this issue had been addressed mainly by soft tissue therapy techniques to improve ankle range of motion in patients with PF. Only one study (Joshua et al 2009) evaluated the effect of ankle joint mobilizations of PF. However, in this study mobilizations were part of complex therapy and therefore the effect of treatment cannot be attributed solely to them. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of ankle and mid-foot joints mobilization on pain and function of patients with PF. The hypothesis is that manual mobilizations of ankle and midfoot joints in addition to conventional physical therapy will improve pain and function significantly more than conventional treatment, in patients with PF. Methods: 50 patients, age 18-75 with a diagnosis of PF that meet the inclusion criteria will be recruited and randomly divided into two groups. Both groups will receive commonly accepted physical therapy treatment that includes stretching exercise of the plantar fascia and triceps surae muscles and ultrasound therapy at the site of symptoms. The study group will receive in addition manual mobilizations to the ankle and midfoot joints. The procedures will take place at the physiotherapy clinic Bat-Yamon of General Health Services and will last four weeks, twice a week.

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  • Device: algometer

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Tris trial is registered with FDA with number: NCT01439932. The sponsor of the trial is Meir Medical Center and it is looking for 50 volunteers for the current phase.
Official trial title:
Effectiveness of Manual Therapy Combined With Standard Treatment in the Management of Plantar Fasciitis, a Randomized Control Trial