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Background: Dementias (Alzheimer's disease and related syndromes), in their sporadic form, have multifactorial origin. Several risk factors (RF) are currently recognized like the cardiovascular RF, some genes of susceptibility, but the impact [1] of traumatic life events (TLE), considered as psychosocial RF (Persson & Skoog, 1996; Charles et al, 2006), [2] of anxiety and/or depression, [3] of the premorbid personality (Clément et al, 2003) with his coping strategies, and [4] of the lifestyle (which results from the personality), for the moment are still underestimated. Dementia disease can be clinically preceded by a mild cognitive impairment (MCI) (Petersen et al, 1996) which is however potentially reversible. Purpose: Actually, there is no study concerning the rate of conversion from MCI to dementia according to the presence or not of TLE. The aim of this study is to assess association between TLE and conversion rate from MCI to dementia. Methods: Patients with MCI will be recruited in different memory clinics (Limoges and others) Primary outcome: Occurrence of dementia according to DSM-IV-TR criteria in MCI patients according to their cumulated score of TLE measured by EVVIE. Secondary outcomes: Occurrence of dementia in MCI patients according to various other psychopathological factors: anxiety, depression, apathy, personality features, alexithymia and resilience levels and life style. Study design: Epidemiologic cohort longitudinal and prospective multicenter study.

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Tris trial is registered with FDA with number: NCT01436552. The sponsor of the trial is Centre Hospitalier Esquirol and it is looking for 392 volunteers for the current phase.
Official trial title:
Psychopathological Risk Factors Associated With Conversion From Mild Cognitive Impairment to Dementia