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You can access this
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if you have
Fragile X Syndrome
and you are
between 6 and 18
years old
This is a second phase trial assessing
efficacy and side effects of the new treatment.
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The purpose

The Fragile X syndrome (FXS) was first described by Dr. Martin and Dr. Bell in 1943, in families with several patients affected by sex-linked mental disability. This disorder is the most common cause of inherited mental disability. The prevalence of the Fragile X syndrome has been established at 1 in 2,500 males and 1 in 4000 females. Despite moderate to severe mental retardation, fragile X patients exhibit macroorchidism, an elongated face, long ears, connective tissue dysplasia, hyperactivity, autistic-like and stereotypical behaviours, speech delay and increased sensory sensitivity. Objective: To evaluate the effect of the combination of the antioxidant Ascorbic acid and tocopherol, as therapy of the Fragile X Syndrome in young males. Hypothesis: It is proposed that part of the pathophysiology of the central nervous system in the animal model of the fragile X syndrome may be determined by oxidative stress. In addition, Fragile X patients showed a significantly low level of ascorbic acid in plasma. The biochemical characteristics of oxidative stress may be reversed in the FMR1-KO mice, by a chronic treatment with antioxidant compounds such as tocopherol or melatonin, it may also normalize several hallmarks of the Syndrome such as hyperactivity, anxiety and cognitive deficits. The normalization of the oxidative stress is proposed as a new therapeutic pathway to alleviate conditions caused by an excess of free radicals that are crucial in neurodevelopmental diseases such as autism, down syndrome and other diseases of the central nervous system.

Provided treatments

  • : Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) and Alpha-tocopherol (Vitamin E)
  • : Placebo

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Tris trial is registered with FDA with number: NCT01329770. The sponsor of the trial is Yolanda de Diego Otero and it is looking for 30 volunteers for the current phase.
Official trial title:
Phase II Double-blind Randomized Placebo-controlled 1-way Crossover Trial to Investigate Safety and Efficacy of the Ascorbic Acid and Tocopherol for the Treatment of the Fragile X Syndrome