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This research study is to compare the radiopharmacokinetics of I-124 to the radiopharmacokinetics of I-131 in patients who have well-differentiated thyroid cancer after recombinant human thyroid-stimulating hormone (rhTSH) injection. I-131 is routinely used for imaging and dosimetry for patients with well-differentiated thyroid cancer. In this study, I-124 is administered orally in capsular form, and the radiopharmacokinetics of I-124 is compared with I-131. I-124 is another isotope of iodine, which is cyclotron-produced. I-124 has multiple advantages: - Ideal Half-Life (4.2 days) for delayed imaging. - High resolution tomographic imaging. - Feasibility of quantitating lesion uptake. - Potential of dosimetry for the planning of radioiodine therapy. Voluntary patients will have I-124 dosimetry performed in addition to the I-131 dosimetry, which is planned as part of routine clinical care. I-124 dosimetry is composed of four parts: (1) two extra doses of injections of rhTSH, (2) the administration of I-124, (3) PET imaging, and (4) drawing blood samples. Patients will receive two additional injections of rhTSH. This is similar to the procedure for I-131 dosimetry. Second, they will receive I-124. I-124 is similar to I-131 except I-124 decays in a different way to emit a positron so that the PET scanner can be used for imaging. I-124 is given in the form of one or several capsules, which are taken by mouth. This is also similar to I-131. Third, PET/CT imaging is done for approximately 30 minutes to one hour on five consecutive days. Radiation from PET/CT scan is far less than what they receive from a diagnostic CT scan. For the fourth part, a technologist will draw about 5 cc from the forearm on each of the five consecutive days. This is also similar to I-131. Initially, all patients will be randomized to one of two study groups. The first group will have the I-131 dosimetry performed first followed by the I-124 dosimetry, and the second group will have the I-124 dosimetry performed first followed by the I-131 dosimetry. The risk of this study is considered very low, and the potential benefits to the patient are considered very high.

Provided treatments

  • Radiation: Radioactive Iodine 124
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Tris trial is registered with FDA with number: NCT00926978. The sponsor of the trial is Washington Hospital Center and it is looking for 30 volunteers for the current phase.
Official trial title:
Comparison of I-124 and I-131 Radiopharmacokinetics in Patients Who Have Well-differentiated Thyroid Cancer and Are Prepared With Recombinant Human TSH Injection (rhTSH)