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Closer to Patients

We help patients find and join clinical trials while supporting the industry to plan studies with the patient in mind.
Future treatments are now one step closer.
Find and join a clinical trial near you!
The treatments that are already available are not your only option. Inform yourself about clinical trials happening worldwide right now. We are here to provide you with free access to treatments in research and guide you along the way.
How we will help you throughout your journey:
1 Explore All Options
FindMeCure collects information about clinical trials happening worldwide right now. By sharing what’s your condition, you will be able to see all the treatment options in research.
2 Find Your Option
Finding a suitable trial is not an easy step. This is why our team is here to guide you and answer all your questions during this process. By specifying your needs and preferences, you will see what’s most relevant for you in order to apply or share it with your doctor.
3 Provide Information
The medical team that conducts the trial will help you learn all the important information about the study and what’s next. Let them know who you are by sharing some basic information about yourself in the application form.
4 Get Connected
Once you have provided us with your contact details, we will introduce you to the responsible medical team so that you can discuss the study details and schedule a screening visit.
5 Get Support
Sometimes, after speaking with the research team, it might turn out that you are not eligible for that particular trial. Don’t worry, we are there for you! Come back to us and we will suggest another relevant option near you.
FindMeCure has provided information about clinical trials to over
370 000 patients
across the globe so far
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