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Moderate-to-severe Psoriasis
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between 18 and 80
years old
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The purpose

Biologics are used to treat conditions such as moderate-to-severe psoriasis, a chronic condition that impairs quality of life as much or more than other major medical conditions. Biopharmaceuticals are medications which are are isolated from biological sources including microorganisms, animals or humans. These medications generally function to decrease inflammation or disrupt the inflammatory cycle. Patients are often apprehensive about choosing a biologic medication over other options due to anxiety regarding the need for regular injections, leaving the patient undertreated and continuing to suffer with psoriasis. Reducing fears of injections may improve adherence to treatment and may improve treatment outcomes. Fear of injection is inherently subjective and may be easily modified. Anchoring is the tendency for humans to rely on a specific value when making decisions and to make judgments relative to that value. Patients who have never taken an injection will subjectively view the idea of taking an injection relative to the "not taking any injection" baseline. This comparison is scary and represents a considerable hurdle to taking a new injectable medication that may be otherwise optimal for their treatment. Resetting the anchor may be all that is needed to help patients overcome fear of injection. The objective is to assess whether patients offered a once monthly injectable biologic would be more likely to accept that biologic medication if they are first counseled about a daily injection.

Provided treatments

  • Behavioral: Control Group Oral Survey 1
  • Behavioral: Intervention Group Oral Survey 2

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Tris trial is registered with FDA with number: NCT03026153. The sponsor of the trial is Wake Forest University Health Sciences and it is looking for 100 volunteers for the current phase.
Official trial title:
Biologics Anchoring Study